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Ciclovie dei parchi

Guida agli itinerari ciclabili nelle aree protette dell'Emilia Romagna

Ten cycle routes within the parks and the nature reserves of Emilia-Romagna allow visitors to enjoy beautiful landscapes on the hills and on the plain, and to discover nature, environmental as well as historical and architectural beauties. These itineraries are dedicated to all the passionate cyclists, but also to the less expert ones.
They have different difficulty levels, most of them can be covered by mountain-bike, but some stretches also with a simple bike. In the technical sheet of each cycle route there is a description of all the useful information in order to choose the most appropriate route: length, difference in height, difficulty level, travel time, cultural and environmental destinations, useful addresses. The different cycle routes are accessible by train through an "out-of-park" way, marked with specific markers, which departs from the nearest train station and reaches the entrance of the Protected Area.
  • Publisher: Ediciclo Editore
  • Pages: 112
  • Size: 13x22 cm
  • Year: 2014
  • Price: 13.00 €  
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